File Extensions beginning with the letter 'K'

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K25 Kurzweil 2500 sample
KAP BSB format image file, typically used for nautical charts and store cartographic information with a raster image. Conversion utility
KAR Karaoke MIDI file (text+MIDI)
KB Knowledge Pro Source code
KBD (1) Character Translation; Keyboard layout
KBD (2) ProComm Plus Keyboard
KBD Keyboard layout
KCL LISP Source code; Kyoto Common Lisp
KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer
KDC Bitmap Picture; Kodak digital camera
KDO Kudo Picture browser
KEX KEDIT macro file (REXX subset)
kexi Kexi database file. Kexi is the database app in KOffice. It actually uses the binary format of SQLite.
KEY (1) Database; Forecast Pro
KEY (2) Keyboard macro
KEY DataCAD Icon toolbar file
KFX KoFax Group 4 image
KFX Fax Document; Kofax Group 4
KIZ Kodak digital postcard files
KKW Contains all K-keywords in the RoboHELP Help project Index Designer not associated with topics
KLD KEDIT Language Definition
KML KEDIT Macro Library
KML Keyhole Markup Language. An XML-based format for geospatial data. Details.
KMP Korg Trinity KeyMaP file
KPP Kudo place pack, place module
KPS Bitmap Picture; IBM
KQP Konica camera native files
KR1 Kurzweil 2000 sample (multi-floppy)
KRZ Kurzweil 2000 sample
KSF Korg Trinity Sample File
KSM Sound; Kefrens-Sound Machine
KWD Keyword
KWF Delphi Pascal; Chart (Delphi)
KYE Kye game data
KYE Kye program data