File Extensions beginning with the letter 'N'

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NA2 Database; Netscape Communicator Address Book
NAB Database; Netscape Communicator Address Book
NAN Nanoscope files (Raw Grayscale)
NAP Shortened version of NAPLPS. Details
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax. Details
NAV MSN application extension
NAV (2) Eudora Script
NAV (1) MSN Application Extension; see NED
NB NoteBook. Mathematica data file.
NB (2) Document; Nota Bene
nb Nota Bene document
NB (1) Notebook (Corel WordPerfect?)
NBA HyperStudio multimedia utility program (16-bit DLL)
NC Instructions for Numerical Control; Computer-Aided Manufacturing System (CAMS)
NC Bitmap Picture; NetCDF
NCB Microsoft Developer Studio file
NCB Microsoft C++ Program Database
NCD Norton Change Directory
NCD Norton Change Directory (disk directory information)
NCF Lotus Notes internal clipboard
NCF Netware Command File
NCF Configuration; NetWare configuration (STARTUP.NCF)
NDB Database; Network database; Compex, Intellicom
NDO 3D low-polygon modeler, Nendo
ndx Dbase Index File
NDX Database Index; dBase Index
NED MSN Application Extension; see NAV
NED MSN application extension
NEF Nikon Electronic Format. Raster image from a Nikon digital camera. [RAW]
NEO Bitmap Picture; Atari Neochrome
NET Network (Paradox uses NET files)
netCDF Network Common Data Format
netCDF network Common Data Form
NEW Text Document
NFF Haines Neutral File Format. Details
NFT NetObject Fusion template file
NG Hypertext Data; Norton Guides
NGD Nokia Game Data
NIF Bitmap Picture; Graphics Interchange; NIFF Navy Image File Format
NIFF Sound; Notation Interchange File Format
NIL Norton Icon Library file (EasyIcons-compatible)
NIST NIST Sphere audio
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NLB Oracle 7 data
NLM Netware Loadable Module
NLM NetWare program
NLS Natural language services driver
nls national language support file
NLS Character Translation; National Language Services driver (Font or Font map)
NLS National Language Support file used for localization (for example, by Uniscape)
NLU Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger file
NLX Database Form; Form Worx
NOD NetObject Fusion file
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Draw
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Spreadsheet
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Word Processor
Novell Presentations 3.0
NP Nokia Planner; Visual Planner
NPR Lotus Notes reporter file
NRG Nero CD Image
NS2 Lotus Notes database (version 2)
NSC Netscape Conference Call
NSF Lotus Notes document/database
NSF NES Sound Format. Audio data ripped from Nintendo Entertainment System games. Player
NSI script file for the NSIS installation tool.
NSO NetObject Fusion document file
NST Noise Tracker music module (MOD) file
NST Sound; Noise-Tracker
NT Textfile
NTF Database; IBM Book Manager
NTF Lotus Notes database template
NTX Database Index; Clipper
NTX CA-Clipper index file
NTZ InVircible Anti-Virus
NWC Noteworthy Composer song file
NWS Microsoft OutlookExpress news message (MIME RFC822)
NWS Internet News Message; see EML; could be text or HTM (MIME: message/rfc822)
NXT Sound; NeXT Font