File Extensions beginning with the letter 'L'

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L (1) LEX Source Code
L (2) LISP Source Code; (uncommon?)
LA Sound; Live Audio
LAB Visual dBASE label file
LAB Q+E mailing label
LAM Sound; Live Audio Streaming Audio
LAN Microsoft Mouse 11 configuration; INI
LAT LATEX (MIME: application/x-latex)
LAY Lotus Applause
LBG dBase mailing label
LBL (1) Label; Label magic
LBL (2) FoxBASE+ Label definition
lbm Deluxe Paint Graphic File
LBM Deluxe Paint bitmap
LBM Bitmap Picture; Deluxe Paint; Amiga; see IFF
LBO Database; dBase IV label
LBT Microsoft FoxPro labels
LBT Database Text; FoxPro Label Memo
LBX Database Text; FoxPro Label
LBX Microsoft FoxPro labels
LC2 Living Cookbook receipe file.
LCF HP-95 Comm log-on configuration script
LCK File Lock (for Database)
LCN Dictionary; WordPerfect
LCS Database; ACT!
LCW Spreadsheet; Lucid 3D
LCX Living Cookbook XML receipe file. See also FDX
LD Telix Long Distance
LDB Microsoft Access lock file
LDB Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information (Used with MDB files)
ldb Microsoft Access database lock file
LDIF LDAP Directory Interchange Format
LDL Paradox
LDL Corel Paradox Delivered library
LEG Document; Legacy
LEG Legacy document
LES Logitech Entertainment system game profiles (same as REG file)
LEX (2) HP-Basic Language Extension
LEX (1) Spelling Checker Dictionary
lex dictionary
LFD Lucas Arts Data
LFT 3D Studio (DOS) loft file
LFT Font; ChiWriter
LGC (1) Audio
LGC (2) Corel Layout Designer logic file for SGML; see LNM, LSI
LGn Text; used by Windows 98 for disk maintenance; see IND
LGO Paintbrush logo file
LGO Windows logo driver
LGO (2) Bitmap Picture; Super-Fax header or footer
LGO (1) Microsoft Windows logo driver (Bitmap Picture)
LHA Archive; LHARC
LHA Alternate file suffix for LZH
LHW Archive; Amiga LHWARP
LHZ Packed Zip files
LI$ Microsoft compressed LIB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
LIB Library; Static link Library
LIB Library
lib library
LIB Static-link library
lic license
LIC License (vendors like Microsoft Visual C++)
LIF (1) Data; Hewlett-Packard Logical Interchange Format
LIF (2) Archive
LIN DataCAD Line type file
LIN AutoCAD lines
LIQ Sound; Liquid Tracker
LIS Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program
LIS Compiler listing file
LIT Literature. Proprietary eBook format that can only be read with Microsoft Reader. Usually copy protected. Official Microsoft info for developers.
LLX Laplink Exchange Agent
LMA Sound; Netscape Packetized Audio
LNG Adobe Acrobat language plug-in vdkhome
LNK (2) Linker response file
LNK Windows shortcut file
LNK Shortcut
lnk MSWindows shortcut file
lnk linker control file
LNK (1) Windows program link
LNM Corel WordPerfect SGML alias file; see LGC, LSI
LOC Location. XML file for representing a set of geographic locations with view directions. More Info.
log log file
LOG Log files (logging)
LOG (1) generic
LOG (2) Microsoft HTML Help Log
LOG Log file
LOG Log file
Lotus Manuscript 1.0 2.0
Lotus PIC
LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts file
LPK (rare) License Package
LRC Intel Video Phone file
LRF Microsoft C++ Link response list
LRG Bitmap Picture; Macromedia XRes multi-resolution
LSA/LSB Lightscape Technologies ASCII and Binary
LSI (2) Corel Layout Specification Instance, part of SGML; see LNM, LGC
LSI (1) Audio
LSL Corel Paradox Saved library
LSL Paradox; see FSL
LSO Compiled LotusScript; see LSS
LSP (1) AutoCAD LISP macro language
LSP AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and othe LISP language files
LSP (2) Lisp Source Code
LSS Lotus WordPro; LotusScript macro programming language
LST 1st Reader keyboard macro
LST List file
LST Text files
LST Power Point
LST (1) Listing; program listing
LST (2) Microsoft PowerPoint; see PPT
lst listing
LTM Lotus Forms
ltr PC-File letter
LTR PC File 5.0 Doc
LU ThoughtWing Library Unit file
lv LaserView bitmap
LVL Parallax Software's Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
LWB Picture; Light wave 3D Object
LWD Document; LotusWorks
LWF LuraWave raster image file
LWLO Lightwave Layered Object file
LWOB Lightwave Object file
LWOB Lightwave Object Format
LWP Document; Lotus WordPro
LWP Lotus Wordpro 96/97 file
LWSC Lightwave Scene file
LXO LaserMaster Font
LY LilyPond music notation file. details.
LYR DataCAD Layer file
LYR Lyrics for Audio CD (Microsoft applet)
LYX LYX document.
LZA Picture; LZA Animation
LZA Compress
lzh compressed file
lzh LHarc
LZH LH ARC compressed archive
LZH Compress
LZS Skyroads data file
LZS (2) Skyroads
LZS (1) Archive; LARC
LZW Archive; Amiga LHWARP and others