File Extensions beginning with the letter 'U'

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U3D Universal 3D. A vector image format for 3D images. More info.
UB Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data
UC2 Archive; Ultra-Compressor II
UCN Archive; Ultra-Compressor II
UDF Universal Disk Format. A disk image, similar to .ISO
UDF Uniqueness Database File. Used for automated installation on Microsoft Windows NT and later. Details.
UDW Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data
UE2 Encrypted Archive; Ultra-Compressor II
UFO Unified Font Object. Details
UL Sound; Ulaw
ULAW US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio
ULS Internet; User Location Service (Internet New Media Phone) (MIME: text/iuls)
ULT Sound; Ultra-Tracker Music
ULT Ultratracker music module (MOD) file
UNI MikMod UniMod formatted file
UNI Data; Forecast-Pro
UPD Text Document (update)
URL Internet shortcut file
url uniform resource location
URL Internet Shortcut
URL Internet Shortcut
URT Utah Raster Toolkit
USE MKS Source Integrity file
USL Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Landscape Font
USP Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Portrait Font
UTD Universal Text Data. Details
UTL QuickBooks; Data
UU UU-encoded file
UU Archive; Not necessarily compressed, may be UUE
uue Uuencoded file (encoded ascii)
UUE UU-encoded file
UUE Archive; UUE Encoded Archive; see XXE
uue UUEncoded
UW Sound
UW Raw unsigned word (16-bit) data
UWF UltraTracker Wave file