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#01 and higher A method of numbering picture files fora roll of film that has been scanned for computer presentation
#24 24-pin printer Data; LocoScript
#IB LocoScript printer Data
#SC LocoScript printer Data
#ST LocoScript printer Data
$$$ Temporary
$$$ Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files
$$$ Backup or temporary
$$S Spreadsheet; OS/2 PMSpread
$00 Pipe; also $01, $02...
$DB dBase IV temporary
$VM Microsoft Windows 3.x virtual memory temp
$VP Backup of Ventura Publisher VP Document
--- Backup
000 Compressed volume used by Microsoft Double Space, such as DBLSPACE.000; multiple volumes may have extensions 001, 002...
000-999 Used to number old (backup) versions of files (for example, CONFIG.SYS when changed by an installation program); also used to number related data files for multiple users of a small- scale PC application
001 Fax Document
075 Ventura Publisher screen Font
085 Ventura Publisher screen Font
091 Ventura Publisher screen Font
096 Ventura Publisher screen Font
0B PageMaker Font
123 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
123 Lotus 1-2-3, '97 Spreadsheet; see WK1
123 Lotus 123 97 file
12A Lotus 1-2-3, '97 add-in
12M Lotus 123 97 Smartmaster file
12M Lotus 1-2-3, '97 smart master
15U PageMaker Font
15U Font; PageMaker
22 Professional Write v2
232 Microsoft Office Install?
286 Microsoft Windows Standard Mode Driver; DLL
2BP Microsoft Windows CE Gray Scale Bitmap Picture with 2-bits per pixels used for creating applications and help files for Windows CE; see BMP, HTP
2D VersaCAD two-dimensional drawing file
2GR Microsoft Windows 3.x Screen Grabber
2GR and 3GR VGA Graphics driver/configuration files under Windows
300 Enable
300 Enable WP 3.0
301 Fax Document; Super Fax 2000, Fax-Mail
323 New Media Phone, H.323 Internet Telephony; see III
386 Windows 3.x viritual device drivers
386 A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor
386 MSWindows device
386 Windows virtual device driver
386 Windows 386 Enhanced Mode Driver
386 Device Driver; Windows Virtual Device Driver; VXD
3D VersaCAD three-dimensional drawing file
3D2 Drawing; Stereo CAD-3D
3DM 3D NURBS modeler, Rhino
3DM Drawing; 3D meta-file
3DMF QuickDraw 3D Metafile
3DS Autodesk 3D Studio. Details
3FX Picture Corel Chart
3GR Screen grabber for MS-DOS-based applications
3GR Device Driver; Windows Screen Grabber for MS-DOS applications
3IN MSN setup
3IN Configuration; MSN Setup Information; see INI
44 Text Document; English read-me
4C$ Data; 4Cast/2
4GE Informix 4GL compiled code
4GL Informix 4GL source code
4SW Swap file; 4DOS
4TH FORTH programming language source code
669 Composer 669, Unis Composer music mod file
669 669 tracker module
669 Sound; 669 Composer
6CM Sound; 669 Composer
8 Assembly Language Source Code; A86 assembler; ASM
83C Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Complex
83D Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink GDB
83G Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Group
83L Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink List
83M Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Matrix
83N Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Real
83P Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Program
83S Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink String
83T Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Table Setup
83W Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Window Setup
83Y Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Y-Variables
83Z Texas Instruments TI83-Graphlink Zoom
850 Font; Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 850
852 Font; Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 852
854 Bitmap Picture; Same as BMP. Saved in 8514 resolution for Microsoft MRBC.EXE; see CGA, EGA, VGA
866 Font; Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codepage 866
8B Adobe Photoshop 2.5 Plug-in driver/filter
8BA Plug-in driver/filter for Adobe Photoshop-compatible paint program (such as SNAPPY.8BA in Kai's Power Goo); Dynamic Link Library DLL
8BE Plug-in export filter for Adobe-compatible paint program
8BF Plug-in filter for Adobe-compatible paint program; DLL such as Kai's Power Tools
8CM Sound; Triton Fast Tracker
8M PageMaker math Font
8SVC Sound; Amiga
8U PageMaker extended Roman Font
906 Picture; Calcomp plotter
94B Sound; Guillomet Maxi Home Studio II sound Font; see SEQ
@@@ Screen files used in the installation and instruction on use of such applications as Microsoft Codeview for C
_H Adobe Type Manager Japanese Font outline see PFB
_V Adobe Type Manager Japanese Font metrics; see PFM
{PB Backup (WordPerfect?)
~$~ Temporary
~DF Backup; Delphi Form Backup of a DFM file
~DP Backup; Delphi Project Backup of a DPR file
~PA Backup; Delphi Pascal Backup of a PAS file
~~~ Temporary