File Extensions beginning with the letter 'M'

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M (2) MatLab
M (1) Mathematica
M11 Document; MASS11
M1V MPEG-related file (MIME type 'mpeg')
M1V MPEG Movie; video/mpeg; see MOV (MIME: video/mpeg)
M2V MPEG 2 Movie; see MPG
M3 Modula 3 programming language source code
M3D Picture; Corel Motion 3D
M3D Corel Motion 3D animation
M3G Mobile 3D Graphics for J2ME (JSR-184)
M3U MPEG URL (MIME audio file)
M4 UNIX preprocessor
MA3 Harvard Graphics
MAB Mozilla Address Book. Email addresses and lists for Mozilla and Thunderbird.
MAC Microsoft Access Command
MAC MacPaint bitmap image. Details
mac macro
MAC Macro for Borland TASM
MAD Microsoft Access Database Module
MAD Microsoft Access module
MAF Microsoft Access Form
MAFF Mozilla Archive File Format. A web page with all related files saved into a single file. Details. [MAFF]
MAG (2) Magenta color separation; BLA (Black) CYA (Cyan), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
MAG A graphics file format found in some Japanese files
MAG (1) Bitmap Picture; MPS Magro Paint
MAGIC Magic Mail Monitor configuration file
MAI Microsoft Mail message
MAK Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project
MAK Make; Program compiler make file; see DSW
mak makefile
MAM Database Program; Microsoft Access Database Macro
MAM Microsoft Access Macro
MAN (1) (MIME: application/x-troff-man)
MAN Unix Manual page output
MAN (2) Text (manual)
manifest Microsoft Clickonce applicaton manifest [ms-clickonce] application/x-ms-manifest
map program symbol map
MAP Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file
MAP (4) Game Level for Duke3D, Doom
MAP (3) Programming Linker segment map
MAP (1) Geography Map
MAP (5) Inprise (Borland) Delphi Games Creator Map Library; CRL, IML, SDL
MAP Map file
MAP (2) MAPI Mail
MAQ Microsoft Access Query
MAQ Database Query; Microsoft Access Database Query
MAR Microsoft Access Report
MAR Meta-ARchive. More info
MAR Source Code; VAX Assembly Language; see ASM
MAS Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file
MAS Lotus Freelance Graphics Smart Master look; see SMC
MAT Matlab variables binary file
MAT Microsoft Access Table
MAT (1) Microsoft Access Database Table Shortcut
MAT (2) MatLab
MAUD MAUD sample format
MAX Visioneer PaperPort scanned Document, compressed Picture
MAX OrCAD layout file
MAX Paperport file
MAX KINETIX's 3D Studio MAX file format for a 3D scene
MAZ Hover maze data
MAZ A file format use by Division's dVS/dVISE
MAZ Windows' Hover maze
MB Database Text; Paradox Memo
MB1 Apogee Monster Bash
MB1 Apogee Monster Bash data file
MBF Corel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
MBG Microsoft Mail mailbag
MBK (2) Atari ST, One STOS Memory Bank
MBK (1) Backup; dBase IV Database Index
MBOX Berkeley Unix mailbox format
MBS (1) Micrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
MBS (2) Atari ST STOS Memory Banks; see MBK
MBV Corel.visualDTD.7
MBX Extension Microsoft Outlook adds to saved email, Eudora mailboxes
MBX (2) Database Index; dBase index
MBX (1) Document; Outlook Express Mailbox
MC Localized Message Table Resource (Windows)
MCC (3) MathCad configuration; see INI
MCC Dialer10 calling card
MCC (2) Dialer 10 Calling Card
MCC (1) Microsoft Network Shortcut
MCD MathCad
MCF Font; MathCad
MCI MCI command set
MCI Driver; Media Control Interface
MCP metrowerks CodeWarrior project file
MCR DataCAD Keyboard macro file
MCW Microsoft Word for Macintosh document
MCW Apple Macintosh MacWrite
MD (1) Archive; MDCD
MD (2) Picture; MacDraw
MDA Microsoft Access Database Add-in
mda Microsoft Access security database
MDA Microsoft Access workgroup for version 2
MDA Microsoft Access add-in
MDB Access 2.0 Database
mdb Microsoft Access database
MDB Microsoft Access
mdb MS Access Database File
MDB (2) Microsoft file Viewer
MDB Microsoft Access database
MDB (1) Microsoft Database Application
MDB File viewer extension
MDE Microsoft Access MDE file
MDF Menu Definition File
MDL (3) Sound DigiTrakker
MDL (1) 3D Design Plus
MDL Quake model file
MDL Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
MDL (2) Spreadsheet; CA-Compete
MDM Configuration; Telix modem description
MDN Microsoft Access Blank Database Template
MDN Microsoft Access blank database template
MDP Project Workspace (to do with Microsoft Visual C++ MAK files and Microsoft Visual J++); see DSW, MAK
MDR Database; Medical Drug Reference; see SRL
MDT Microsoft Access Add-in Data
MDW Microsoft Access Workgroup Information
MDW Microsoft Access Workgroup
mdw Microsoft Access security database
MDX (1) dBase index
MDX (2) Microsoft Database Index
MDX (3) Inprise (Borland) Database Index
MDZ Microsoft Access wizard template
MDZ Microsoft Access Wizard Template
ME Text file
MED Sound; Amiga; Med/OctaMed
MED Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file
MEN Picture; TIF
MER Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and others
MET OS/2 Presentation Manager Metafile. Vector and raster image. Details
MEX MatLab
MF (1) FrameMaker MakerFile
MF (2) Font; MetaFont
MFF Cakewalk MAPI file
MFG Pro/ENGINEER manufacturing file
MFJ MetaFont batch file
MGF Materials and Geometry Format
MGF A file in a Materials and Geometry Format
MGF (1) Font; Micrografx
MGF (2) Materials and Geometry 3D rendering
MGX Micrografx Clipart Picture
MHK Archive; Mohawk Archive for the game Riven