File Extensions beginning with the letter 'V'

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V8 Covox 8-bit audio file
VAL (2) Paradox
VAL (1) Spreadsheet; Macintosh Spreadsheet (VALU)
VALU Same as VAL
VAN Animation; Vista Pro
VAP Annotated speech
VBA VBase file
VBA VBA Module; Visual Basic for Applications (generic name)
vbd Visual Basic ActiveX document state file
VBD Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Active Document (Internet/Intranet Document)
vbg Visual Basic group project file
VBG Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Project group; see VBP
vbl Visual Basic custom control license file
VBP Visual Basic Project
vbp Visual Basic Project (v5+)
VBP Microsoft Visual Basic 4 or later Project, Microsoft Setup Wizard (similar to MAK)
VBR Microsoft Visual Basic 4 Remote Support Registry
vbr Visual Basic remote automation registration file
VBS (2) Visual Basic for Applications Script
vbs Visual Basic Script source code
VBS (1) MPEG Movie Clip
VBW Microsoft Visual Basic workspace
vbw Visual Basic Project (v4)
VBW Microsoft Visual Basic
vbw Visual Basic project workspace (v5+)
VBX Visual Basic custom control
vbx Visual Basic extension (16-bit)
VBX Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows Extension
VBX Microsoft Visual Basic control file
VBZ Microsoft Setup Wizard Template Script.
vbz Visual Basic wizard launch file
VC Spreadsheet; VisiCalc; see VCX
VCA Visual Clip Art
VCE Natural MicroSystems (NMS) unformatted voice file (used by Cool Edit)
VCF vCard file. Contact information. More Info
VCF Vevi configuration file; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit
VCP Workspace Information (Microsoft Visual C++ 32-bit versions. WSP for 16-bit versions)
VCS vCalendar file. More Info.
VCT Microsoft FoxPro class library
VCW Microsoft Visual C++ Status File, used with MAK files
VCX Microsoft FoxPro class library
VCX (1) Spreadsheet; VisiCalc Advanced; see VC
VCX (2) Microsoft Class Browser class Library
VDA Targa bitmap
VDA Bitmap Picture; Targa
VDO Sound; "MIME" WEB token works with AVI files (MIME: video/vdo)
VER Version description file
VER Version description (Windows)
VEW Lotus Approach Database view (versions before 3.0); Clipper 5; see ADX
VF Vegetation file. More Info
VFF Bitmap Picture; Apple Macintosh
VFZ Vector Format for Zooming. A raster image format with additional info for improved scaling. More Info.
VGA Bitmap Picture. Same as BMP. Saved in VGA resolution for Microsoft MRBC.EXE; see CGA, EGA, 854
VGR Bitmap Picture; Ventura Publisher
VHD Virtual Hard Disk. A disk image for Microsoft Virtual Server.
VI Virtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView product
VIC Bitmap Picture; Vicar Graphics
VICAR Video Image Communication and Retrieval
VID (1) Video Driver (Microsoft DOS applications)
VID (2) Bitmap screen buffer
VIFF Visualization Image File Format. Details
VIK Picture; Viking Graphics
VIP Microsoft Visual InterDev Project; see VJP
VIR File identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus and possibly others
VIT VITec Scanner Raster Format
VIV VivoActive Player streaming video file
VIV VivoActive ActiveX Control (streaming video)
VIVO Same as VIV
VIZ Division's dVS/dVISE file
VJP Microsoft Visual J++ Project; see VIP
VLB Corel Ventura Library
VLB Corel Ventura Publisher Library; see VP
VLM Vector Drawing; Ashlar DrawingBoard
VLT Data; Vault outliner organizer
VM Virtual Memory (Swap File)
VMC Virtual Machine ???. Complete system environment from Microsoft Virtual PC (previous Connectix).
VMDK VMWare DisK. Virtual disk for a VMWare virtual machine. [VMDK]
VMEM Virtual MEMory. Virtual memory for VMWare virtual machine.
VMF FaxWorks audio file
VML Vector Markup Language: a Microsoft-proprietary XML-based vector graphics image. Microsoft's introduction, Microsoft's W3C submission [VML]
VMX Virtual Machine ???. Complete system environment from VMWare.
VOC Sound; Creative Voice; SoundBlaster
VOC Creative Labs Sound Blaster audio file
VOL Stacker
VOR StarOffice 5.x template
VOX Talking Technology audio file
VOX Voice; (generic name)
vox Vox audio
VOX Natural MicroSystems (NMS) formatted voice file
VOX Dialogic audio file coded using ADPCM
VP Ventura Publisher publication
VP Document; Corel Ventura Publisher; see VLB, $VP
VPF Vector Product Format
VPR VideoCraft Project (formerly PhotoMorph 2, by Andover Advanced Technologies); Bitmap animation; see PMP
VQE Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator file
VQF Yamaha Sound-VQ file (possible emerging standard)
VQL Yamah Sound-VQ Locator file
VRE VREAMScript extension; see VRW
VRF Oracle 7 configuration
VRML Picture; Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRW VREAMScript Command Language ActiveX 3D; see VRE
VSC McAffee VirusScan configuration
VSD Flowchart; Shapeware Visio Document
VSD Visio drawing (flow chart or schematic)
vsd Visio Drawing
VSI Visual Studio Community Content Installer
VSL Download List file (GetRight)
VSM Shapeware VisSim model
VSN A Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file; used to keep information about all the files in a directory; when a file is accessed, information is compared with the VSN information to ensure that they match
vss Visual SourceSafe
VSS Shapeware Visio Smart Shapes
VSS Visio Stencil file
VST (2) Bitmap Picture; TrueVision Vista
VST Targa bitmap
VST (1) Visio Flowchart
VSW Visio Workspace file
VTS Intel VTune program performance monitor project file
VTST XML-based file format to describe built structures. More Info
VUE Schedule configuration
VUE (3) Animation; 3D Studio
VUE (2) FoxPro View
VUE (1) Schedule+ Views
VUP Microsoft Visual Studio Utility Project
VW Document; Volkswriter
VW4 Volkswriter files
vw4 VolksWriter 4
VWR Multimedia viewer, Metatec Corp.
VXD Virtual Device Driver; 386
VXD Virtual device driver
vxd vitual device driver (system)
vxd Windows virtual device driver
VXD Microsoft Windows virtual device driver