File Extensions beginning with the letter 'Q'

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Q Archive; Quantum
qa Q&
QAD PF QuickArt Document
QAD Corel WordPerfect 7 PerfectFit QuickArt Picture Database NameSpace (WPG?); replaced by SCB
QAG Norton Desktop Group; see GRP
QAP Omnis Quartz
QBB QuickBooks for Windows
QBE Query By Example; dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Quatro Pro
QBW Data; QuickBooks for Windows
QBW QuickBooks for Windows file
QD0 Data; Omnis Quartz; also QD1 ... QD9
QD3D Apple's QuickDraw 3D Metafile format
QDF Quicken 98 Data file, checks and transactions; see QSD, QEL, QTX
QDT Quick Books data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program
QDT Quicken
QDV Macintosh
QED Quicken
QEF Q+E Database query
QEL Quicken online payment services Data; see QDF, QSD, QTX
QFL Document; Family Lawyer; see DDK
QFO Bitmap Picture; QFX 6.25
QFX Bitmap Picture; Quick Link Fax; see QFO
QIC Microsoft Backup
QIC Backup set for Microsoft Backup
QIC Microsoft Backup file
QIC Backup set for Microsoft Backup
QIF QuickTime-related image (MIME)
QIF Quicken Interchange Format
QL$ Microsoft compressed QLB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
QLB Quick Basic for DOS Quick Library used with Microsoft QB.EXE, QBX.EXE, VBDOS.EXE, QuickC 1.0
QLB Quick Library
QM Quality Motion file
QMF Lotus Approach Database Query
QML Document; Quick Markup Language
QMT Quicken Memorized List
QNX Quicken Data Index
QPR Database Query; FoxPro Query Program
QPX Database Query; FoxPro Compiled Query
QRT Quick Ray Trace. Image. Details
QRU SQL Query file
QRY Microsoft Query
QRY Database Query; Database Query; see SQL
QSD Quicken 98 configuration, customization, and Data; see QDF, QEL, QTX
QSF Micrografx QuickSilver; compressed Internet live graphic
QST Quake Spy Tab file
QT QuickTime. Video. Details
QTA Archive; qtar; see TAR
QTC Apple QuickTime Support file
QTI QuickTime-related image
QTIF QuickTime-related image
QTM QuickTime Movie. Details
QTP QuickTime Preferences file
QTS QuickTime-related image
QTS Mac PICT image file
QTVR QuickTime VR
QTW Apple QuickTime; see QT
QTX QuickTime-related image
QTX Quicken tax planning Data; see QDF, QSD, QEL
QW Symantec Q&A Write program file
qw Q&
QWK QWK Mail Packet File
QXD Document; QuarkXpress
QXD Quark XPress file
QXL QuarkXpress Library
QXT QuarkXPress Document Template