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Scitex HandShake Formats
SDL Alias Wavefront Scene Description Language
S1K S1000 Simnet Format
SHG Segmented Hyper-Graphic
SDML Spacial Data Modeling Language
SAIF Spatial Archive Interchange Format
SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard
STL Stereolithography Interface Format
SNP (1)
SBK (1) Asymetrics ToolBook System Book
SFI (1) Bitmap Picture; SIS Frame Grabber
SRS (1) Bitmap Picture; Sun Raster File
SPD (1) Bitstream Speedo Font
STL (1) C++ Standard Template Library
STX (1) CA-Simply Tax
SHW (1) Corel Show
SSL (1) Corel Smart Library (Corel Flow)
SAL (1) Database Program; SQL Application Language
SBP (1) Database program; Super-Base 4
SAM (1) Document; Lotus AmiPro
SM (1) Document; Samna; see LWP
SUP (1) Error Suppression for Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc. BoundsChecker
SCI (1) Fax Document; Sci-Fax
SPX (1) FoxPro compiled program
SCX (1) FoxPro Database Program Screen
SPR (1) FoxPro Screen Program
SPL (1) FutureSplash Animation (Internet Picture) (MIME: application/futuresplash)
SPW (1) Jandel Sigma Stat Statistical Advisor
STF (1) Lotus Agenda
SMI (1) Lotus Smart Suite Smart-icon
SCP (1) Microsoft Dial-Up Networking Script
SCD (1) Microsoft Schedule Application
SCH (1) Microsoft Schedule Application
SCF (1) Microsoft Windows Explorer Command
SHB (1) Microsoft Windows Shortcut into a Document
STY (1) Microsoft Word for DOS Style Sheet; see DOT
SDL (1) Paradox
SEQ (1) Presentation; Atari animation
SMT (1) Quick Books
SDT (1) QuickBooks; Data
SCT (1) Scitex Picture
ST (1) Source Code; Small Talk
SYM (1) Symbol; (generic name)
SWP (1) Windows virtual memory storage
STF (2) Archive; Shrink-to-Fit
SPL (2) Archive; Splint
SCI (2) Bitmap Picture; ColoRIX
SCP (2) Bitmap Picture; ColorRIX
SCX (2) Bitmap Picture; ColorRIX
SHB (2) Corel Show Background
SAL (2) Database; SoriTec
SMT (2) Document; Smart Ware
STX (2) Document; SmarText Electronic Book
SCT (2) FoxPro Database program Screen Memo
SYM (2) Harvard Graphics 2.x; see SY3
STY (2) Micrografx Picture Publisher Print Style
SNP (2) Microsoft Access 97 report snapshot
SRS (2) Microsoft Server request file; partially processed
SBK (2) Multimedia Subject/book?, Metatec Corp.
ST (2) NeoPaint
SSL (2) Paradox
SBP (2) Picture; IBM Story board
SPD (2) PostScript Printer Description
SHW (2) Presentation; Harvard Graphics DOS 2.x Show
SCF (2) Presentation; Score Maker
SFI (2) Printer Font; Ventura Publisher
SCD (2) SCODL Drawing
SDL (2) SmartDraw Library
SDT (2) SmartDraw Template
SMI (2) SMIL multimedia; see XML
SAM (2) Sound Sample
SEQ (2) Sound; Guillomet Maxi Home Studio II; see 94B
SM (2) Source code; SMALLTALK
SDW (2) SourceSafe files in Shadow Directory
SPW (2) Spreadsheet; Sigma-Plot
SPR (2) Sprite (Internet animation?)
SUP (2) Supplemental Data (spelling checker user dictionary)
SWP (2) Swap File
SCH (2) Vector Drawing; Schematic; ORCAD
ST (3) Atari ST Disk Image
SWP (3) Backup; Borland Sprint
SUP (3) Bitmap Picture; Apple Macintosh StartupScreen
SPR (3) Document; Borland Sprint
SCX (3) Microsoft Class Browser form
SAM (3) Microsoft Office 97 File Converter (DLL)
SM (3) Soft Spoken mailer
SBK (3) Sound Font Technical Details
SDL (3) Sound; Inprise (Borland) Delphi Sound Library; CRL, IML, MAP
STY (3) Ventura Publisher Style Sheet
SCX (4) Stanford Chart
SHP 3D Studio (DOS) shapes file
stf ???setup template file
SPRITE Acorn's bitmap format
SMP Ad Lib Gold Sample
STP Adobe Acrobat (Style?)
SBX Adobe Illustrator Tsume
SAM AMI and AMI PRO files
SAM Ami Pro files
SAM Ami Professional document
sam Ami/AmiPro document
sdw AmiDraw
SVX Amiga 8SVX sound
SAIF Archive; Geographical data; Spatial Archive Interchange
SEA Archive; Macintosh self-extracting archive; Stuff-it
SHK Archive; Shrink-it for Apple ][
SQZ Archive; Squeeze
SP Archive; UNIX Splint
S Assembler source code
SBK Asymetrics ToolBook
SPU Atari Spectrum
ST Atari ST disk image
SHX AutoCAD Shape
SLB AutoCAD Slide Library
SLD AutoDesk Slide file.
SLB AutoDesk Slide Library File Format
SHH Automated Setup Template
SAV Backup
sav Backup File
SYD Backup of a system file; created by a DOS-based memory manager like QEMM
SCU Bitmap Picture; ColorRIX
SDP Bitmap Picture; IBM Storyboard PIC
SLI Bitmap Picture; MAGICorp Slide
SPI Bitmap Picture; Philips, Siemens scanners
SHP Bitmap Picture; PrintMaster Icon Library
SHG Bitmap Picture; Segmented Hyper-graphics Bitmap with hot-spots, created by SHED.EXE, compiled with Windows help file compiler (HC.EXE)
SS Bitmap Picture; Splash
spr Borland Sprint
SBJ Clipart Index; Micrografx Clipart or Palette
SES Cood Edit Session file (common digital audio editor file )
SHB Corel Show presentation
SHW Corel Show presentation
SBK Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank file (Soundblaster)/EMU SoundFont v1.x Bank files
SF2 Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank file (Soundblaster)
SCP Dail up Networking Script
SEC Data encryption key; PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
SCA Database
SWP DataCAD Swap file
SM3 DataCAD Symbol file
sys Device Driver System File
SCP Dial-Up Networking Script
SPL Digitracker Sample
SHB Document shortcut file
SSF Document; Enable 2.0
SGF Document; Star Writer
SMM Document; WordPro/AmiPro
SWF Drawing; Macromedia Flash Internet Vector Drawing
SDML Drawing; Silicon Graphics Spacial Data Modeling Language
SDE Drumbeat (Internet application) exported Data; see EDF
SF2 Emu SoundFont v2.0 file
ssf Enable
SSF Enable Spreadsheet
SSF Enable spreadsheet file
SMF Fax Document; Smart-Fax
SHP File format used by some programs for 3D modeling of multipart interactive triangle models
SET File set for Microsoft Backup
SET File set for Microsoft Backup
SET File Set for Microsoft Backup
SS First Choice Spreadsheet
ss FirstChoice
SFN Font
SFL Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Landscape Font
SFP Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Portrait Font
SF2 Font; Sound Font Technical Details
SWECOIN Font; Swecoin Packet Format; Kiosk applications
SQL Generally used by database products as an extension for SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary)
SND Generic Sound File [AU]
SHW Graphics
SY3 Harvard Graphics 3.x Symbol; see CH3
SH3 Harvard Graphics for DOS 3.0 Show
SHG Hotspot bitmap
STM HTML Form; see SHT
SQL Informix SQL queries
SIM Intel VTune performance monitor
SVX Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV
SH Internet Program; UNIX Shell Script
SF IRCAM SoundFile format
so library file
SMC Lotus Freelance Graphics Smart master content; see MAS
SNP Lotus Snapshot
SYM Lotus Symphony
SDW Lotus WordPro graphic file
SKL Macromedia Director resource file
SCD Matrix/Imapro SCODL slide image
SRL Medical Drug Reference Search Results; see MDR
S3D Micrografx Simply 3D Project; see GED
SCT Microsoft FoxPro forms
SCX Microsoft FoxPro forms
SC2 Microsoft Schedule Plus Application
SCH Microsoft Schedule+ 1
SCD Microsoft Schedule+ 7
SC2 Microsoft Schedule+ 7 file format
SRQ Microsoft Server request file; unprocessed
STF Microsoft Setup table file; see TDF
SCC Microsoft Source Safe file
SDX Midi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX
S19 Motorola EEPROM programming
SNM Netscape folder cache
STC OpenOffice/StarOffice Calc spreadsheet template
SXD OpenOffice/StarOffice Draw drawing
STD OpenOffice/StarOffice Draw template
SXI OpenOffice/StarOffice Impress presentation
STI OpenOffice/StarOffice Impress presentation template
STM OpenOffice/StarOffice Math document
SXC OpenOffice/StarOffice spreadsheet document
SXW OpenOffice/StarOffice Writer document
SXG OpenOffice/StarOffice Writer global (master) document
STW OpenOffice/StarOffice Writer template
SIZ Oracle 7 configuration
SL PACT's Save Layout extension
STG PageKeeper Storage
SOM Paradox Sort Information
SKA PGP secret Keyring
SAT Picture; ACIS 3D
SPC Picture; Atari Spectrum
SVH Picture; Black Diamond Consulting (Surround Video - Animated Internet Picture)
SHAM Picture; Dynamic Color Table; see CTBL
STD Picture; Prosa State Transition Diagram
SCB Pictures; Corel WordPerfect 8 Scrapbook; see QAD
SPD PostScript printer description file
SPF Presentation; EnerGraphics
SDI QuickBooks; Data
SNX QuickBooks; Data
SFX RAR self-extracting archive
STN Raster image with lossy compression using fractals. LizardTech. Also see FIF.
SDS Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file
SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data
SDW Raw Signed DWord (32bit) data
SW Raw signed Word (16bit) data
SND Raw unsigned PCM data
SDK Roland S-series floppy disk image
SGML Same as SGM
SHAR Same as SHA
SKCard Same as SKC
SKWrite Same as SKW
SILK Same as SLK
STML Same as STM
SAM Samna files
SMP Samplevision format
SCT SAS catalog (Dos)
SCT01 SAS catalog (Unix)
SC2 SAS catalog (Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Mac)
SSD01 SAS data sets (Unix)
SSD SAS database (Dos)
SD2 SAS database (Windows 95/NT OS/2, Mac)
SAV Saved game file
SOU SB Studio II sound
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics - A standard XML encoding for vector graphics. See the w3c SVG spec. [svg] image/svg+xml
SVGZ Scalable Vector Graphics - Zipped. A text-based vector graphics file that has been losslessly compressed with gzip. [svg] image/svg+xml
SCV ScanVec CASmate Native file format
SCI ScanVec Inspire Native file format
SFF Scene File Format. Details
SCN SCeNe. Details
SCH Schedule application
SCD Schedule application
SC2 Schedule application
SCT Scitex CT bitmap
SHS Scrap
SHS Scrap object
STM Scream Tracker v2 music module (MOD) file
S3I Scream Tracker v3 instrument
SCM ScreenCam Movie; Lotus
SCS ScreenCam Script; Lotus
STR Screensaver file
SNG Scriptable Network Graphics. An ASCII text version of PNG. See the SourceForge SNG project page for a command line tool that converts between SNG and PNG [png]
SFW Seattle Film Works (Mangled JPEG)
SEA Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others)
sea Self-Extracting Archive for Mac
SDV Semicolon Divided Values file
SER Serialized Java Object. More information
SHTML Server-parsed HTML. HTML file with server-side includes. [HTML] text/html
SHTM Server-parsed HTML. HTML file with server-side includes. [HTML]
SHT Server-parsed HTML. HTML file with server-side includes. [HTML]
SGM SGML Structured Generalized Markup Language; see HTM
shar Shell Archive
SHS Shell scrap file; reportedly used to send "password stealers"
SWA Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file)
SBL Shockwave Flash object
SPL Shockwave Flash Object
SWF Shockwave Flash object
SHB Shortcut into a document
SHB Shortcut to a document
SHN Shortened sound file. More info
STM Shorter suffix for .shtml, an HTML file containing a server side include (SSI)
SDB SideKick 2 Database
sdb SideKick database
SIG Signature file
SAM Signed 8bit sample data
SGI Silicon Graphics Image. Native format for raster image on Silicon Graphics workstations. Details
SGO Silicon Graphics Object. Details
SC3 SimCity 3000 saved game file
SVF Simple Vector Format. Details.
SKC SKCARD SideKick for Windows
SKW SKWRITE SideKick Write or Calendar (same extension)
SGF Smart Game Format. Text (but cryptic) file for saving game data. Commonly used for 'Go' games. Specification, Useful links.
SY1 Smart PIC files
SDR SmartDraw drawing
SDL SmartDraw library
SDT SmartDraw template
SNDT Sndtool sound file
SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
SRF Sony RAW File. Photograph from a Sony digital camera. [RAW]
SOU Sound
SLL Sound
SD2 Sound Designer 2 flattened file/data fork
SD Sound Designer I audio
S3M Sound module file for ScreamTracker v3
SVX Sound; Amiga; IFF
SBI Sound; Creative labs SoundBlaster instrument
SF Sound; IRCAM, MixView
SNG Sound; Midisoft Studio; see MID
SSM Sound; Real Player Streaming Media
SON Sound; SBStudio II Song
S3M Sound; Scream Tracker 16-channel music
SFX Sound; Sound effects for games
SSS Sound; Studio Session Song
SMP Sound; Turtle Beach
SNDR Sounder sound file
SFD SoundStage Sound File Data
SFI SoundStage Sound File Info
SBR Source Browser for BSCMAKE
SRC Source code (generic)
S Source Code (non-PC platforms); SCHEME Source Code
scc source code control file
SCC Source Code control file; programming project file management
SC Source Code; Paradox
SNO Source Code; SNOBOL4
SPT Source Code; SPITBOL
SPS Source Code; SPSS
SSC SourceSafe (source code control) configuration
SPD Speach Data file
SPPACK SPPack sound sample
SSF Spreadsheet; Enable
SPR Sprint files
SQD Squish Message Data
SQI Squish Message Data Index
SAF Standard Archive Format. Details
sgml standard generalized markup language
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
STL Standard Tessellated Language. 3D vector image. Industry standard 3D CAD format.
SG1 Stanford Graphics
SDA StarOffice 5.x StarDraw drawing
SDC StarOffice StarCalc 5.x spreadsheet
SDS StarOffice StarChart 5.x document
SDP StarOffice StarImpress 5.x packed presentation
SDD StarOffice StarImpress 5.x presentation
SDM StarOffice StarMail 5.x mail file
SMF StarOffice StarMath 5.x document
SDW StarOffice StarWriter 5.x document
SGL StarOffice StarWriter 5.x global (master) document
SGP Stat Graphics Plus
SPF Still Picture File. Details
SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format. Details
SA6 Street Atlas 6.0
SFF Structured FAX file. Toolkit
sql Structured Query Language
SQL Structured Query Language (Database query)
SQC Structured Query Language (SQR) common code file
SQR Structured Query Language (SQR) program file
SIF StuffIt Image File. Details
SITX StuffIt X File. Compressed archive. More info
SIT StuffIt. Compressed archive.
SSH Style Sheet for Microsoft Internet Explorer
SLD Styled Layer Description. Custom symbols (and such like) for GML data. Spec
SUB Subtitles. MicroDVD.
SRT Subtitles. Display with SubViewer
SUB Subtitles. Subtitles taken from a DVD with SubRIP.
SCR Sun Color Raster. Raster image in Sun workstation native format
srs Sun raster image
SUN Sun Raster. Raster image in Sun workstation native format
SR Sun Raster. Raster image in Sun workstation native format
SBT SuperBase 4 Database text
SVR SuperScape ActiveX Superscape Viscape Control
SV2 Symantec LiveState Virtual Machine environment.
STI Symbol and Type Information for Portable Executable program; see PE
sym symbol file
SYLK Symbolic Link Format. Microsoft format for exchanging spreadsheet data. Details
SLK Symbolic Link Format. Microsoft format for exchanging spreadsheet data. Details
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. XML file format for detailing how to play several separate audio-video files.
SDF System Data File Format - legacy Unisys (Sperry) format
SYS System file
SYS System file
SYS System File
SEP Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap
SLC Telix script
SDF Text; System Data File Format
SO UNIX Shared Library; see DLL
SAS Used by SAS version 6.03.
SDR Vector Drawing; SmartDraw
STY Ventura Publisher style sheet
SWP Virtual memory storage
SOB Visual Basic
SCN Visual Basic Screen.
SYS Windows 3.x systemfiles
SHE Windows 95 ".ShellExt"
SHS Windows Clipboard; Shell Scrap
SCF Windows Explorer command file
SCR Windows screensaver
SYW Yamaha SY-series wave files